Retail Activation

Engage with experiences.

It’s about creating a story and making new memories to share-out. We strive for brand interaction and are here to help drive the consumer to participate with your brand.


Electrolux Taste Truck

Pop-Up Events

We can help you drive consumer participation and have a hands-on experience with your brand. This personal experience can help grow connections with your product and services and help grow brand loyalty. In addition to your normal channels we can help you develop event formats and concepts to effectively reach your target group. We also strive for the largest reach and push for shareable content from the events so your shoppers can still be a part of the story, even if they were not there.

Event Staffing

Being full service means we will not only concept and build your event space, we will make sure it is staffed with our service/minded ambassadors who always strive to give your customers the best experience. We train our ambassadors in customer experience and always ensure that you have the right people at your event. We do this through a large pool of ambassadors with divers interests and backgrounds, supported by an experienced organization at our offices.