Field Marketing

Speaking your language.

With our highly trained field force, we can truly become an extension of your brand. See how our 300+ team can help to make sure your brand voice is kept true.

Our retail talent offerings

Performance Management

When it comes to our retail talent offering, we provide a service level based partnership where we take on the responsibility for creating wanted effects and results. This includes management, analysis and retail management systems.

Resource Management

We are here to provide back-end support so that you can focus on clear directives and leadership. We give you the flexibility to always have the right roles according to your strategy and are always adaptable to market shift.

On-Demand Services

We provide scalability and flexibility by having on demand teams, when and where you need it. Whether you need 100 staff one day in one country, or 50 people the next day in 5 countries, we are your staffing support system here to meet your needs.

Our retail talent experts

Retail Activation

Product Trainers

We manage and develop teams of product trainers with an insight-based way of work, maximizing sell out through our developed store-by-store programs with short and long-term goals.

Brand Promoters

We provide outgoing and service-minded staff for short-term premium promoter activities and events.

Visual Merchandising

Maximizing brand and product exposure in the stores in combination with training the staff in maintaining displays.

Retail Activation

Sales Staff

We provide the best, highly trained retail staff focusing on consumer experience in relation to your brand.

Team Leaders

Great leadership is the foundation for
long-term results. We provide talented leaders with tools and support to create great teams.