Intel powers some of the coolest technology in the world, but their new tech and marketing training sessions were not leaving participants empowered. We were tasked with creating a way to train the Nordic Retail Staff of Elkjøp and Power that would empower them and raise the coolness factor of Intel®.

Concept Solution

We did this by reinventing what a training session is and created The Intel Escape Room, a hands-on team building experiential training event. This event challenges participants in a fun, timed, interactive and memorable way.

The goal, finish all of the puzzles in under 20 minutes and power up the room like Intel® powers tech. In the Intel Escape Room, we not only want to educate participants on the new tech and product offerings, we want them to have Intel® top of mind when it matters the most, when they are interacting with consumers in-store

The Result

Both activations were a huge success with the experience being awarded the “Best Event Space” award at
POWER Expo and it scored 5.75 out of 6 at Elbit which was the highest rated supplier at the entire event.
That is out of 130 suppliers and over 5,000 RSP’s attending the event. Over 1,000 people
had the training session and the Escape Room Experience.